Seed to Table Staff

About the Seed to Table Education Team! 

The Seed to Table Program is led by Karen Ray, a longtime garden educator. Karen has a doctorate in curriculum theory from UCLA, and has taught preschool and owned a family childcare home. She also served as a Childcare Center Licensor for the state of Washington, and is thus very familiar with best safety practices for child care programs. Karen coordinated activities at the Lincoln Elementary School garden in Olympia for four years while her own children were students at the school. She then developed the Thurston County Food Bank’s School Garden program and managed it for nearly four years. Karen has taught farm and kitchen based camps every summer since 2015.

Karen will be assisted by knowledgeable and energetic support staff including Heather Rudich, GRuB’s farm manager, and current or former GRuB youth, who have gained proficiency in GRuB’s core themes of farming self, land, and community and are now ready to pass on these teachings to a younger generation. All of our adult staff have passed the Olympia School District background check. Our ratios are always 1 staff to seven children or better.