Are you ready to start volunteering with GRuB?? We have lots of programs and volunteer roles. Let’s find the best fit!


Are you ready to get started? Get in touch with Ebby (GRuB Volunteer Program Coordinator, AmeriCorps Service Member) for information on available positions and an application! You can reach them by phone at (360) 753-5522, ext. 208, or via email at volunteer@goodgrub.org.

Did you know:

The hourly value of a volunteer in Washington State (as of 2015) is: $28.99…Whhhaaat?!?! AMAZING…and true! We appreciate volunteers with all kinds of skills, abilities, and schedules because diversity makes our programs stronger. If you’re a carpenter, knowledgeable about databases, artistic, an introvert, people person, whatever– there’s a place for you in our work to make local communities more just and food secure.

GRuB cherishes every person who walks through our door, and our volunteers are the heart of the organization. While the dollar value of volunteers’ contributions to our work (the equivalent of three additional full-time staff in 2014) is astonishing, the way your enthusiasm and generosity shape GRuB’s space, relationships, and programs is priceless.