GRuB Giving Tuesday


As we wind down our fall into the quieter, more introspective time on the Farm, I feel the comfort and approaching stillness that is a natural part of this season on the land.   I think about taking time with my friends and family and I experience deep appreciation for the community in which we live.  As I mark my sixth year at GRuB, I feel the power of connecting so deeply to a mission, a culture and a community that is seeking something different. A community that is unearthing social change, creating equitable opportunities, and growing culturally appropriate food.  By helping others gain valulable skills, supportive relationships, and confidence, I am nourished by GRuB’s mission.  During this season,  ask yourself what nourishes your authentic self and your community?

GRuB is actively working to build a world where everyone has a sense of belonging. We see a world where all people are nourished by healthy food and valued for their unique gifts and talents. GRuB couldn’t do this without you. Now more than ever, the gifts of your time, caring and resources are crucial to our work against the backdrop of complex national and local issues.

This season of giving begins with Giving Tuesday, November 29th and GRuB is asking you to help us meet our goal of raising $50,000 by the year’s end. Take a moment to pause and think of how your gift to GRuB has long lasting impacts on our community. Make a contribution that invests in building a stronger hive and a more sustainable future for all people.

Your donation assists GRuB in offering a special place for disengaged students to find hope and feel valued, to grow their sense of leadership and self-sufficiency. Donate and help us grow our safe spaces; where people of different backgrounds, like veterans and people with low-incomes find meaningful relationships and skills through shared experience. Give to GRuB and support community building workshops on gardening, cooking healthy food and multicultural communication. Help us to make a place at the table for all people, particularly those who have been underserved or underrepresented.

Just click HERE to donate. Make your one-time gift or even better yet, become a recurring monthly donor at any amount.

  • $10/month covers a full year of gardening and food workshops for a gardener
  • $30/month covers a scholarship to GRuB’s Youth Program Training Institute
  • >$50/month covers the cost of a raised bed garden for one family
  • This season, consider an alternative gift! Your donation can be made in honor of someone special, in lieu of a physical gift. Take this opportunity to co-create the world you’d like to see through a donation to GRuB. And please help us spread GRuB’s mission by sharing this message in your social networks! #GRuBGIVINGTUESDAY

    With gratitude,

    Kerensa Mabwa
    GRuB’s Cultivating Community & Leaders Manager