Cultivator Veggie CSA


photo 2 (6)How does it work?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Members invest in the success of local farms while ensuring access to fresh, sustainably grown food. Members pay for their share up front, helping the farm have enough funds to pay for farm supplies and staffing to grow the amazing food for member enjoyment!

What’s included in my share?

Each week members take home a box of fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs, as well as a small bouquet of seasonal flowers (as available). Everything in the share is sustainably grown right here on the GRuB Farm by youth, interns, volunteers and staff, without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Members also receive a weekly e-newsletter covering what’s in the produce box, farm happenings, recipes, GRuB updates, and special youth writings. This year, members will also receive a 10% discount off produce sold at either of our market stands.

What makes the GRuB CSA different?

A portion of what folks pay for their share goes to subsidize the produce that we send home and prepare with youth in our GRuB School program each week, as well as the food that we send to the Thurston County Food Bank throughout the growing season. The youth in our GRuB School program spend class time learning on the GRuB Farm, tend the farm throughout the year, harvest for the CSA and markets, work the onsite farm stand, and are responsible for the high quality of the produce. Member support enables low-income and disengaged youth to bring the fruits of their labor home, reducing strain on the family budget and providing healthy food for their families.

In order to make our CSA shares as accessible as possible, we accept SNAP/EBT and offer monthly payment plans. For more info, contact .

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Summer CSA

On average, our Regular CSA box feeds a household of four. We try to focus on growing what our customers have told us they’ll cook and eat most, with the occasional interesting item to pique the veggie interest of members (for the unique items, we will include a recipe in our newsletter to help you out.) Shares cost $550, for 16 weeks (late June to early October).

Typical fall shares include 10-15 items a week, such as summer squash, kale, salad mix, broccoli, cabbage, leeks, onions, carrots, beets, berries, beans, peas, and tomatoes. You also receive a hand-bouquet as long as flowers are available. Pick up is from the onsite GRuB cooler, available anytime between 1 pm Friday and Sunday night. We ask folks to bring their own bag or container to transport the food home. If you decide you need more goodies, you can stop by farmstands and receive a 10% discount.


There are two options for those who are ready to sign-up for our Summer CSA.

  • Make your $550 full payment now. Full payments received by March 15, 2016 will receive an Early bird bonus – your choice of a GRuB t-shirt or cookbook!
  • Make a $100 deposit online now and then set up a payment plan with us for the remainder of the $550.

MarketStand CSA Small Share

Exciting new option, small shares! These shares cost $250.00, lasting 14 weeks starting the first day of our onsite farmstand, usually the first week in July. Pick up is at our onsite Farm Stand, Wednesdays, between 3 and 6pm. The format is a bit different than our regular share. It is fewer items, and you have the opportunity to customize it. You will pick 7 of 14 listed items to take home. Items will vary throughout the season and include things like herbs, lettuce, carrots, beets, tomatoes, peppers, kale, squash, and onions. You’ll also receive 10% off any additional items you want to stock up on from the farmstands.


  • Make your $250 full payment now. Full payments received by March 15, 2017 will receive an early bird bonus– a GRuB cookbook!

Fall CSA

Shares cost $210 for 7 weeks (October 5th-November 15th). Typical fall shares include 10-15 items a week, such as winter squash, kale, salad mix, broccoli, cabbage, leeks, onions, carrots, beets, and tomatoes. Pick up is from the onsite GRuB cooler, available Thursdays after 5, until Sunday night. Bring your own bag or container to take the food home in.   Like the other shares, if you decide you need more goodies, you’ll receive a 10% discount anytime you shop at either of our farmstands.

The Fall CSA typically begins in early October. Reserve your CSA by making your $210 full payment now.

Our Fall Small Share CSA shares costs $125 for 7 weeks of yummy produce. 6-9 Items a week, such as winter squash, kale, salad mix, broccoli, cabbage, leeks, onions, carrots, beets, tomatoes etc.  You can sign up for your small share HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: CSAs must be paid in full before the first week of the season.

For those unable to fulfill their payment plan, we are not able to offer refunds as CSAs are designed to help farms offset expenses necessary to start production prior to the growing season. Instead, we will shift your payments to a fully tax-deductible donation and send you a receipt for your taxes. 

If you are unable to register or pay online for any reason, please contact us at 360-753-5522 or

If you are unable to register or pay online for any reason, please contact us at 360-753-5522 or

Read our GRuB CSA Newsletters for information on what comes in typical box, GRuB happenings and great recipe ideas!  For current and past newsletters,  CLICK HERE!


“What’s better than a “2 for 1?” Going to GRUB to pick up my weekly CSA produce instead of going to the grocery store to get it! As a bonus I get a beautiful freshly cut bouquet of flowers each week too! When you sign up for a GRUB CSA you are not only getting absolutely wonderful fresh produce, you are participating in the opportunities it gives to so many youth who work there. I can’t wait to go in the cooler, pick up my box and see what’s inside. I think about what it took to grow such a variety of items and what amazing things our kids and volunteers are learning from working on the farm. I am so proud to share my support of GRUB with anyone I know or meet, even the checkers at the grocery store. It’s always a great to go back to GRuB, where my son was in the first group of students invited to participate. Count me in every year! “

– Terri Dashiell

“After volunteering a few times at GRuB, I was intrigued by their CSA program. How did they manage to pull a group of high school kids together to grow food in addition to all the other things they were learning? So I signed up for a fall share, knowing that at least my CSA membership was supporting a good cause, regardless of what my veggies might look like. But we were very happy with all the fresh yummy produce in our box each week–leeks, greens of all kinds, brussel sprouts, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, kiwis, raspberries–enough to share with another family. And, as a volunteer, it was very cool to see the kids working together, teaching me what to do, having a good time with each other but learning and growing, too. I give the GRuB CSA program two thumbs up!”
– Joy Nguyen