Bouquet CSA Program

GRuB youth holding flower bouquet

How does it work?

We partner primarily with local businesses who proudly display GRuB informational materials alongside their bouquets and who recognize the importance of investing in local youth. We ask you to become GRuB “Ambassadors”, using our deeper relationship as well as the beautiful bouquets to share our work with your patrons and friends. You’re welcome to sign-up for a Bouquet CSA for enjoyment in your home as well. 

Support GRuB and receive farm fresh, sustainably grown flower bouquets each Wednesday for 8 weeks during summer*.  When you invest in a bouquet “share” you are helping provide low-income youth in our community quality education and leadership development opportunities through our GRuB School alternative high school program. *Depending on the seasonality of our flowers, we may offer to extend your season into early fall for an additional fee.

What are the details?

The cost is $160 for 8 weeks and includes free delivery to locations in the downtown corridor between Division St. on the Westside and Fairview St. (near Ralph’s Thriftway) on the Eastside. Farm pick-up is available for those outside our delivery area or who can’t receive them within in our delivery times. Delivery is on Tuesdays between 3:00—5:00pm.

*Please note: In order to organize our delivery route for highest efficiency, we cannot offer drop-off times more specific than the range provided.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for your Bouquet CSA online here if you’re ready to pay in full today. The earlier you sign up, the better (spring is when we’re spending money on seeds, soil fertility, supplies, etc.). If you’d like to set up a payment plan, we do ask for a minimum of $50 deposit to hold your spot. The balance can be set up as installments and must be paid in full by the beginning of the 8 week season. Please contact Pfeif at 360-753-5522 to arrange a payment plan. Do you have additional questions or concerns about what the Bouquet CSA entails? If so, please contact our Farm Manager, Heather, by email, or by phone, 360-753-5522.