The impact is far reaching!




“My daughter and I have had an amazing summer outside because of our gardens. Wespent quality time together outside planting, weeding , watering, sometimes eating dirt. We got outside so much more that we would have before the gardens. And the gardens brought together everyone in our lives. We just moved to our house and the gardens made it so that we talked with the neighbors and built a little community. I have shared some of my ‘oops I planted too much’ harvest with some of the neighbor girls who come by and now can identify everything that is growing in my garden. You are giving people gardens-but what you are really giving them is healthier life and diet choices, food assistance, a sense of community… Brilliant!”

“One day while preparing to harvest, weed and water our plot with my daughter, she got to the plot before me and started identifying the plants and informing me of what was ripe for harvest and what were weeds. She instructed me to get our bags ready and she started pulling kale leaves and tomatillos off the plant. I stood back for awhile and observed her care and gentleness. Thank you GRuB for another opportunity to educate the children about food, gardening, community and love for the earth.”

“I loved watching for the seed to emerge and seeing them grow. My three sons came and planted vegetables and flowering plants on Mother’s Day and a month and a half later we were eating lettuce and baby spinach. That mushroom soil is phenomenal! This has been a wonderful learning experience. It has given both my son and I a lot of hope and happiness. Thank all of you for your work and encouragement.”

“This story happened more that once: the looks on my children’s faces. I would show them something I’d picked, ‘That came out of our garden!’ and they would echo my words with their voices full of a mixture of excitement, wonder and delight. Sometimes they would discover a growing vegetable and enthusiastically draw me over to see it. It has been a wonderful experience for us as a family. THANK YOU!!!”