Community Food Solutions

20 years of KGP!

2013 marked the 20th anniversary of GRuB’s Kitchen Garden Project! Started in 1993 by Richard Doss and inspired by the Home Gardening Project in Portland, OR, the KGP has built over 2,500 free backyard and community gardens for low-income people throughout Puget Sound.


Access to fresh, healthy and culturally appropriate food is a right!

Food security impacts not only our food system, but our entire community. The Kitchen Garden Project (KGP) partners with organizations and low-income people to create backyard and neighborhood food solutions. We connect people with the sustainable food movement by providing access to the knowledge and resources needed to grow fresh, healthy and culturally appropriate foods.

The KGP builds raised bed, double dug and container gardens with  individuals, families and communities.  We then provide new gardeners with seeds, starts and cover crops, free access to our extensive gardening workshop series and a connection to the greater gardening community.  The KGP is committed to a gardener’s success.  Since 1993, we have built over 2,500 backyard and community gardens.   Follow this link for more information on applying for a KGP garden.

The KGP also helps grow healthy food, people and communities.  We inspire positive personal change by bringing people together around food and agriculture.  The KGP strives to build a just, sustainable food system in our community by creating nurturing leadership opportunities.  KGP alumni are encouraged to build gardens with neighbors.  They receive the full support and resources of the Kitchen Garden Project to help neighbors become successful KGP gardeners.

what Else is Going on with the KGP?

Sign-up for a volunteer opportunity, workshop or event by contacting us at 360-753-5522 or You can also check out our events list here, or see upcoming orientations and workshops on our calendar here.

Check back for ways to become a leader in the Local sustainable food movement!

  • We’re developing a Garden Mentor program.  Details to come.
  • Ever hear about GRuB Hubs?  Stay tuned!
  • The KGP is developing a Lead Builder volunteer program.  We’ll have an application posted in the coming weeks.