Wish List

PLEASE contact us before dropping off your items so we can make sure we’ll be able to utilize them. See specific contact information below…

Items in BOLD are of particular importance.

Priority Needs 

  • Picnic tables & benches – should be sturdy and have years of life left!

Farm Supplies

  • Rain gear & boots for our youth crew – Small/Medium/Women’s sizes especially needed.
  • Tomato cages
  • 5 or 7″ stirrup/hula hoes (kinda like this)
  • Wood or bark chips (delivered)
  • Pitchforks  (5-tined forks used for moving woodchips and compost)
  • Digging Forks (4-tined forks used for loosening soil)
  • Round or square buckets, 5-gallon
  • Harvest Knives – with edges that can be sharpened
  • Bright duct tape – neon pink or green
  • Chicken feed – In Season brand preferred, but willing to take other non-gmo brands
  • Atlas (or similar) gloves with latex coated palms in all sizes – especially med and large
  • Scissors
  • Hand weeders
  • Straw
  • Leaves
  • Dandelion diggers
  • Gas Weed Wacker
  • Metal trash can with lid
  • Soil Amendments:
    • feather meal
    • bone meal
    • kelp meal
    • green sand
    • chicken manure pellets
    • alfalfa meal,


Office Supplies

  • Sharpie regular and wide point markers
  • Recycled-content office paper
  • Colored Markers – especially no-odor flip chart and whiteboard markers
  • Letter-size notepads
  • Construction Paper
  • Post-its

 Farmhouse & Youth Supplies

  • Large food processor with a variety of attachments
  • 4 cases of mason jars (mixed sizes)
  • Kitchen counter-top compost keeper with charcoal filter
  • Lightweight, Corelle-style plates
  • Healthy snacks for youth crew (nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, peanut butter)
  • Stocked Pantry (canola oil, olive oil, tamari, flour, baking soda & powder, chocolate chips, milk alternatives, cane sugar & brown sugar, etc…)
  • Coffee and Tea
  • 6-7 folding card tables
  • Olympia Food Co-op working member discount cards (if you have more than you can use)
  • Small rubber-lined floor rugs for outdoor seating on the ground
  • Cast iron pans and pots
  • Two Round Drop-Leaf Tables, 3′-4′ in diameter when open
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products (no artificial scents)
  • SPF 30 Sunscreen, “natural” brands preferred with minimal chemicals
  • Large solid color table cloths
  • First Aid Kit Supplies
    • Benadryl
    • Neosporin
    • Cortisone cream
    • Calamine Lotion
    • Alcohol swabs & Hydrogen Peroxide

If you have items to donate, please contact us or call (360) 753-5522. Remember, donations are tax-deductible! Thank you!