GRuB Mentions

Katie Gubbe Plants Seeds of Love with GRuB

Olympia High School senior Katie Gubbe has auspicious plans for her future. After receiving a full ride to The Evergreen State College, she plans to study agriculture and education, one day getting a Master’s degree in teaching.  “My goal is to teach at a grade school, working with little kids,” she said.

GRuB Garden – The Greenest Investment You’ll Make This Year

The large room is full of people, standing and sitting, some with hands in pockets and others holding gently onto their kids. A nervous but excited air permeates the space, and one man begins.  “Collard greens,” he announces. “Yep, definitely collard greens.” The original question was what vegetable people were most excited to grow this year. Someone across the room shouts, “Wait, what are collard greens? I mean, what do you do with ‘em?” Someone else laughs and says, “They eat them down South a lot. Cook ‘em up with garlic and a little oil and they’re good to go!” Read more… Continue Reading →

Gallup poll: Olympia leads nation in access to affordable produce

Olympia residents have easier access to affordable fruits and vegetables than any other city in the nation, according to a Gallup poll.

Released this week, the poll reports that 96.6 percent of Olympia residents find it easy to get fresh produce. Another Washington city, Yakima, ranks fourth at 96 percent. Read more… 

Be Vegi-nomical – The Merits of a Farm Share, CSA Box

By Mary Ellen Psaltis

Are you looking for a sure-fire investment that is guaranteed to give great results?! It’s not a scam. You’ll keep your dollars local, you’ll be doing yourself and your family a true favor, AND it improves your health. Sound too good to be true? You can accomplish all these things by getting your own Farm Share. Read more…

Olympia High School + GRuB Create a Symbiotic Relationship

By Tali Haller

Some students thrive better in a hands-on learning environment. Knowing this, Olympia High School, GRuB (a community organization dedicated to connecting people through food), New Market Skills Center, and the Olympia School District Career and Technical Education Department worked together to pilot a School Initiative Program, called the GRuB-Bear Program. Read more…

Empowering People & Growing Good Food—GRuB’s ‘Day of the Bed’

As a community based food-growing organization, GRuB works throughout Thurston and Mason counties partnering with youth and low-income individuals to create “community food solutions.” In 2007, an AmeriCorps Backyard Garden Coordinator with GRuB’s Kitchen Garden Project, Stephanie Snyder, was inspired to build ten backyard gardens in one day.  Volunteers and funds were raised and ‘Day of the Bed’ began.  In the years since, the event is held each spring to build new backyard and community gardens and celebrate another successful Kitchen Garden Project Season. Read more…

Once-troubled teenager stays rooted with love of farming

By John Dodge

Katie Gubbe has big dreams and a chosen path that begins and ends on an a beautiful, abandoned dairy farm in South Bay.

Today, she has just a toehold on the old Point Meyer Farm, a 94-acre spread with million-dollar views of the entire length of Henderson Inlet and the snow-capped Olympic Mountains in the distance.