GRuB’s Strategic Plan

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Dearest GRuBbers,

It is with great joy & hope that we share with you (drumroll please)… the current Strategic Plan that we’ve been working toward for several years now! Back in 2011, when a founder/director transition was imminent, the Staff, Board, and Youth Crew of GRuB put their heads together to develop a 5-year Strategic Plan, covering 2012-2016. 

The original incarnation of the plan clearly articulated our revised mission, vision, and values. It also put to words a powerful goal of expanding youth programming in our region by replicating and building upon our success here in Thurston County, outlined enhancements and expansions of our core programs, chartered a path for building a greater presence in the local and national food movement, and highlighted key areas where we could strengthen our internal structure, policies, and procedures.

After the initial draft, the plan got lost in the shuffle as we embarked on a series of hiring processes and transformations among the staff team.  Though we’ve been diligently working toward five strategic goals this whole time, most of our community of stakeholders have never seen this robust vision for and plan to build a more engaged community and a more just food system.

Earlier this year – halfway through the plan period – the staff team began working to update our timeline and goals so that we could finally bring the remaining three years of the plan forth to share with all of you.  We are proud and excited to bring you into this vision with us. We hope you will join us in celebrating the successes under our belt so far and we invite you to be part of the many more to come.

There is a place at the table for all of us to make powerful contributions to produce positive change in our communities.  As you read our plan, please know that there is an open invitation for you to jump into this work wherever and whenever you are called to do so.  Together, we can ensure Good Food for All People!