Introducing FIG!


What is FIG?

FIG (Food Investment Gardens) is a new GRuB pilot program in 2014. After 20 years of building gardens with low-income families through the Kitchen Garden Project, we now want to expand our reach in Thurston County to build gardens for people at all income levels. What you pay for your FIG will support GRuB programs, including the KGP.

Which FIG is right for me?

Double Dug FIG: Dug into the existing landscape, we integrate rich compost while aerating your soil up to two feet down. We dig 100 square feet of garden for you in whatever shape you like, and finish it off with a rock border.

Raised Bed FIG: We build three 4′ by 8′ bed frames with untreated Douglas fir and fill them with an organic garden soil and compost blend. A 7’ trellis is attached to one of the beds. The frames can be stacked to raise the bed to a height that can be managed by those with limited mobility.


FIG pricing is on a recommended sliding scale of $450-$1,000 according to household income*. If you are in a household with more than 2 people, please choose whichever payment amount feels good for you. The price includes the garden and a ½ hour phone consultation session with GRuB on optimal garden placement.

How do I sign up?

You can download and fill out the order form and send it to GRuB with your check or you can sign up for your garden online by choosing one of the options below. You can choose to either pay in full now, or pay a minimum deposit of $200. You will then be contacted for the consultation session. Once your payment has been received in full, and it is determined that your space is fit for a garden, your garden build will be scheduled. Space is limited for this pilot program, so sign up now!

*A suggested sliding scale range is included in our full registration packet.


2014 FIG Garden Deposit Only

2014 FIG Double Dug Garden – full payment

2014 FIG Raised Bed Garden – full payment